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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 7, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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welshing we will start the the week on a bad note we are in winslow township camden county where a little girl 12 or 13 years old sleep in her house gets shot by a bullet that comes through the walls of her house just past midnight, dawn. >> steve, thanks. the first trial to have boston marathon bombings get underway today why a friend is facing a judge. sue serio is league at post holiday weather, sue. >> it is july now we're well in the months, back to reality day inn back to the 90's today. we will welcome back humidity as well, dawn. >> lovely. plus are you planning to travel abroad anytime soon? if so you could see longer lines at the airport. in judge security is focused
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on electronic devices g day it is monday july 7th 2014 hopefully everyone had a wonderful, fourth of july weekend, and sue, the weather really ended up cooperating once we got through that fourth of july morning. >> right, that pesky little guy name arthur wasn't little for folks who got a direct hit has now passed and we got rid of that and now we're ready for july heat. we're used to it. if you lived in this area, any length of time you know how it is. humidity will be increase to go day, but still this morning, it is not extremely muggy. we will call it bearable for this morning but today, it will start to feel sticky when we get those dew points up there in the 60's and 70's. by in mid week we will have scattered storms to tell but. some of them could be strong to severe. here are your temperatures, as it is already 75 degrees in philadelphia. so it is warm, it is 72 in will allentown. sixty-seven in mount pocono. seventy-one dover.
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typical july morning. dew points are starting to inch into the 60's as we said and that is when it feels sticky when dew points air above 60 degrees. sixty-one is our dew point in philadelphia here's ultimate doppler, we are watching a system up to the northwest which is bringing some rain, to michigan, right now but we don't expect anything from that until, tomorrow. what we have right now is just a few high clouds. it should be sun is i start to the day. future cast shows clouds intermittent throughout the day but plenty of unshine but it will be hazy sunshine today because of the humidity. rain alert, 71 degrees in south a with a southeasterly wind the 13. relative humidity 62 percent. that is why i said it is not too stick think morning. sunrise happens at 6:40. it was a like a fire cracker with temperatures in the 80's but saturday was such a comfortable day. started to feel more sticky yesterday. today we will get to
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92 degrees. kacie, hot and humid as well. welcome back to you, as well. >> welcome back to you, thanks very much. glad to be back. not a chance, the northbound side of the northeast extension, approaching lansdale exit 31 we have an accident investigation there. all lanes block on the northbound side. we will get more details on that and we will have them coming up, dawn. >> great, thanks kacie. we will begin with breaking news out of camden county. a child struck by a stray bullet in winslow township, fox 29's steve keeley is live at the scene with the very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: well this child was found out here on the street but in a bedroom, asleep at her house and what chris just and over to our prosecutor's office people from camden county, plus winslow township police. we are on the edge of camden and atlantic counties down route 73 right off the atlantic city expressway as well this is a leave leavey suburb, sicklerville section of winslow township.
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police have been out here since just past midnight and you can receive this have the whole scene roped off. they have been taking pictures apparently, a neighbor is the only one who has giving us any information and neighbors tells us he heard at least five gunshots just past midnight which is way unusual for this suburb. but, no arguments. apparently the bullets being fired from either a car or somebody out on the street outside and one of those bullets went through this corner house here, it convened two different roads and this little girl sleeping in her bedroom apparently shot in the bottom, so she is okay. this he were going to fly her to cooper hospital but decided her life wasn't being threatened by i this bullet wound. that is got news. she was not shot in any vital organs. she's at cooper hospital with her family being for being shot in the bottom just after midnight. here's a little girl asleep on the fourth of july weekend coming to a close and here in winslow township closing with some violence.
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so police can not tell us anything yet, whether they had any reports of any or kind of violence or fights, beforehand that led to this gun shoot-out here out here, dawn. very little information right now other than what the neighbors are telling us. they already have a site on twitter where they are saying pray for this little girl 12 or 13 years old. until we get information we are learning from the neighbors determined by authorities here in camden county we are withholding the name but key to this story that is little girl shot but will be okay, cord to go authorities, dawn. >> that is got news, there, all right, steve we will check back later. thank you. four people are in the hospital after an accident last night in northeast philadelphia this happened after 9:00 o'clock on roosevelt boulevard near welsh road. police say victim were taken to torresdale hospital. there is no word yet on the cause of that accident. one person is dead following a shooting in the frankford section. this happened on the 1600 block of dire street around 12:30 this morning. no word on the suspect or motive. police are continuing their
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investigation. and happening today, first trial in the boston marathon bombing gets underway, opening arguments are set to begin against one of the college friends of the suspect bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is accused of obstruction for allegedly helping tsarnaev, after the blast. authorities say that two friends, threw tsarnaev's back pop and lap top in the trash after an exchange of text messages. they are not charge with any involvement in the dead lay tack. an npr is report ago this pope francises scheduled to meet with survivors of clerical sex abuse. pontiff has been criticized for being slow to address this issue. today's meeting reportedly will take place at the vatican. authorities are looking for a hit and run driver who struck and seriously injured a teen in wildwood, which help say happened 200 block of west rio grande avenue. the 16 year-old boy was found unconscious, and suffered from a serious head injury. investigators believe it was caused by a car's side-view mirror and the force of the
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impact caused the mirror's taping to break off. it was found on the road by police. the victim's name has not been released. a two-year old little boy is in the hospital after being hit in the car in kensington. child's sister identified her as turner. he was struck in the 1800 block of east monmouth street around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. officers say, he ran in the street, just as the driver of the van was approaching, and the good news though he is expect to be okay although he will be in the hospital for a few more days. a new jersey father is facing charges for driving drunk, with # of his young children in the car. another driver called 911 to report the man was driving eradic yesterday morning. he was pulled over on route 30 in gala way township. man is charged with her win possession and child endangerment. police say the children were not hurt. new castle county domino's pizza stores are teaming up to raise money for the alfred i du pont hospital for children.
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ten come minute necessities stores will donate 10 percent of their sales to the week from the hospital. it is part of the fourth annual pizza thon. stores will offer special deals on carry out orders and deliveries. and a police officer caught on cameras beating a california woman. what her family is now saying about this incident. and jen joyce is live in southwest philadelphia, she's following up on a tragic who will will day weekend fire, jen. >> reporter: good morning, dawn. there is a growing memorial for four children who died from saturday morning's fire. in addition this community is collecting donations for the several families, who lost everything.
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all right. did you have a nice, long holiday weekend? well, it is back to reality today. but we don't have anything traumatic to tell but weather-wise except for the heat and humidity but that is not unusual, it is july, after all. frontal system up to our northwest that will be affecting us tomorrow. an off shore disturbance down at the carolinas that is not a hurricane and not expect to become one just a weak disturbance out there and not expect to affect us here in the delaware valley. picture of ultimate doppler for the moment is dry, it is going to start to get more humid, but, future cast shows some clouds mixed with our sunshine here and there for the rest of the day, not a big deal you'll just to have make sure you dress cool and do your exercising in the morning, outside if you do
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that or in the evening, those are best times of the day. tomorrow is when we will start to get some action up in here. brief showers north and west. by 4:00 we have some more showers and these could erupt into thunderstorms, wednesday as well by noon time on wednesday. we're talking about scattered showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. so for today the high temperature is expect to be about the two, 93 degrees. partly sunny hot and humid, southeasterly winds. tonight we are down to 75 degrees. it will be a muggy night. so, it is probably, an air conditioning kind of a day if you have in the turned it on, all right. we did that on a comfortable day on saturday. we are starting to feel heat yesterday with the high of 86 degrees. here's kacie with your back to reality traffic report, hi. >> thanks, very much sue. we have a pretty big problem on the north bound side of the northeast extension approaching exit 31 of the northeast extension. we have an accident. an investigation is showing that traffic is moving by but
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still completely shut down northbound. aside from that rest of the your majors look fine. we will talk about other construction coming up next, dawn. >> thanks, kacie. a community is coming together to the deal with the heart breaking tragedy. four children died early saturday morning when flames tore through eight homes in southwest philadelphia. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the scene of that fire this morning. jennifer, thinks just so, so sad. >> reporter: it is incredibly heart breaking, dawn. we are out here in the 6500 block of guessner street looking here, at the growing memorial for those children. it has been set up on the corner of the block. people including strange are came from as far away as wilmington, delaware to show their support for these families. at least ten houses, here on this 6500 block of the street, were affected, by the intense fire that happened early saturday morning. investigators are still looking into what caused, one witness reportedly saw a couch on the porch on fire, and then flames quickly spread to
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adjacent homes. twin sisters maria and mariallah boawah died they were both four years old. four year-old patrick san hey, and tai jacque, neighbors say they cannot shake the horror of what unfolded here two years ago. heart breaking. >> heart breaking, more heart breaking because i felt that the house that the four children died in was right next door to my. >> i'm still going through drama. >> i looked through window and there were flames coming n i tried to wake up the kids. why, why did they have to die? i don't really necessity, we have to ask god that question. >> reporter: yesterday, christ international baptist church started collecting supplies for the 923578 list, displays need massive fire. water, food ape clothing donations came pouring in. if you'd like to get involved you can, this church is right
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here on the corner of the block, 6500 block of guessner street. they will collect donations until noon time today or you can call in a machine try donation, to 800-red cross, dawn? >> all right, jen, thank you. is reporting that the parents of the little girl killed at a rita's water on is in brewerytown has hired a lawyer. according to web site family release aid statement saying they have hired an attorney to assure all persons and entities responsible for winter's death are held accountable both criminally and civilly. three-year old winter larkin died when a security gate detached from the wall and crush the little girl. a state troop are runs a 1207 sign causing a deadly accident, in erie, pennsylvania donna plot hit a patrol car that ran a stop sign h she died at the scene. trooper and another officer in his car were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. investigators say they were not responding to a call at the time of the crash. there is still no word if any
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charges will be filed. and the family of the woman beaten by a california will high waste patrol officer is speaking out. they want the officer held accountable, marlene pinnicky's currently in the hospital with injuries over her entire body. the scene was caught on camera by a bystander. this happened on a los angeles freeway on tuesday, and a her daughter for the back tears talking about the brutal beating her mom endured. >> i loved my mom. she was brutally beaten by the police, as you can see he punched, pounded her on her, only thing that she could do was block her face. >> family says that the california high was patrol did not let them see her until yesterday, and the department says it is not commenting on this case until a full investigation is complete. the the officer is on administrative leave. welshing mourner gathered to remember an indianapolis police officer kill in the line of duty. the 22-year old veteran was gunned down in the alley responding to a call of shots fired. this accident happened
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saturday night. officer perry ren, came upon two suspects in an alley, exchanged gunfire with one of the suspects, and 25 year-old major davis, junior. both men were shot. the the officer died at the hospital but the suspect remains in critical condition. neighbors say that area is hit with drugs and guns. >> the cops are doing all that they can but they cannot be every where. >> i'm used to it around here, ain't got no respect for nobody. >> i pray for the young people cannot put down the guns to take care of that anger. >> to honor the fallen officer indianapolis mayor greg ballard is calling for flags to be flown at half staff. it was a violent fourth of july weekend in chicago, two people are killed and more than two dozen wounded. thirty-four year-old man was shot early friday by an unknown gunman. saturday police shot and killed a 16 year-old boy who threaten officers with the gun. late their same night police shot another suspect during a foot chase. man pulled a revolver and
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aimed it at the officers. one of the of hissers return fire killing the suspect. an american teenager is accused of clashing with israeli security forces is sentenced to nine days of house arrest. the 15 year-old who lives in florida was arrested by israeli police attending a demonstration, following the death of his teenage cousin. the teen's family insist that he is innocent. >> he doesn't deserve to be on house arrest, out of his own home, for nine days. >> on what charges? he hasn't been charged. there is no charge on him. why are you putting him on house arrest? it makes no sense. >> i'm an american. this isn't happening in america. >> israeli officials say the incident is under investigation. well, people traveling to the united states, from foreign airports may soon have longer lines to deal with. that is because the united states, says that the
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officials, now want cell phones, lap tops, and other electronic devices checked early. the transportation security administration believes that terrorist could use them to hide a bomb, so travelers will now have to power up their devices and if they fail the traveler will not aloud on the plane and may have to go through extra screening. the obama administration is facing a number of legal, political hurdles as it deals with tens of thousands of people are entering the country illegally. the president says he has asked congress for more funding and facilities, republicans are pushing for better communications with central american leaders. home land security secretary jay johnson says that the administration has sped up processing of adults who entered the country illegally but children pose the most difficult problem. fighting and unrest, continues in iraq. this comes as iraqi security officials, tried to verify a video of an extremist militant. the footage is believed to
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show radical islam is who led the takeover of large parts of the iraq, meanwhile world leaders are debating a plan of action. president obama has sent in extra security forces to iraq to protect u.s. interest and to help the iraqis. meantime in africa 68 women and girls escaped nigerian military group boca horam. they were abducted last m they escaped when militants went to attack a base on friday two. hundred school girls snatched in april remain in their possession. boca horam triggered an international outcry when those girls were captured. they have demanded the release of its fighters in exchange for the young woman but the government so far has reject that idea. and rugged terrain, shifting wind, hot and dry conditions, all hampering efforts to contain a wild fire in northern california. the fire is only about 30 percent contain. officials say it has potential for extreme growth. it already covers 11 miles. that fire starting on friday
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and it has been fueled by gusty winds. clean up efforts continuing in north carolina after hurricane arthur disrupted the who will will day weekend for thousands as long the coast. the state department of transportation, reopened new areas of the outer banks for locals yesterday after evacuating certain areas. many residents say they came back home, only to find some minor damage which was good news. and time right now for weather on the one's. >> yes, arthur putting a crime in those holiday plans. >> it sure did with me, yeah. i was reporting from south caroline back last thursday, and certainly it could have been a whole lot worse if that storm had moved further west where it could have been worse for a lot of us here until delaware valley. temperatures as we get started this morning, be prepared because it is mile and a little bit on the muggy side out there. 75 degrees in philadelphia. forty-seven in wilmington. seventy-one down in dover. 70 degrees in atlantic city.
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we are starting off on the muggy side and we do expect our dew points to be up there, mostly sunny, hot and humid today with a high temperature of 92 degrees. the heat index will probably be in the mid 90's as well. the heat index is of course what it feels like outside when you combine the heat and humidity. but after a pretty comfortable saturday, and not bad yesterday, the july weather is just like we expect it to be, in july. that high of 92 degrees. oh, kacie, right in the middle of summer now. >> that is all right, we asked for it, now it is here, so we will love it. we have lots of green out there. fifty-five is the average speed. things looking just fine this morning. we have some construction, incidents, we will get to that, coming up. thanks, kacie. well, some eagles alumni are ready to take on their toughest opponents. why they will play begins a navy
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies season is quickly coming to a terrible, terrible end. so far they are one-five on the road trip with another loss yesterday. lets go to pittsburgh it was in the pretty, the phillies were down two-one. ben reveer, this is one of the problems. he is not a certainty fielder. he cannot throw from short center field to throw out a runner tagging. the score three-two in the eighth. pirates scored 36789 another run on this against jake
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diekman. pirates win it six-two. they sweep series. great final on the mens side two hall of fame players playing for title to london roger fedderrer and joke wick wins it in five sets. he wins it. rodgers fedderrerrer was going for his eighth title. he gets his second. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. well, here's your chance to support america's heroes, wounded warrior amputee football team will take on philadelphia eagles and nfl alumni in the tribute to heroes football game. they will take place at wells fargo center at 5:30. ron jaworski and vince popale will host this event. we will have more coming up at 8:30 on good day. tonight is military appreciation night at philadelphia soul, tribute to heroes celebrity flag football challenge will be held prior
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to the game. scheduled to participate are former eagles brian westbrook and aj feeley among others. that is tonight at 6:00 at wells fargo center. well, a problem for pop star ariana grandyet. she canceled at wawa made in america concert. and, day at the beach turns in the nightmare for this man when he is bitten by a great white shark. how he managed to break through fr
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how you can help the families, now without a home. pope francis tried to restore the image of the catholic church, what he is doing today as he works to end sexual boost in the clergy. >> sailor on that truck and i didn't know it was mind. >> family goes through a big parade but a even bigger surprise for the fourth of july. good day, it is monday, july 7th, 2014, hopefully everyone had a wonderful, long fourth of july holiday weekend but some people may even be off, so of course a lot of people wondering what the weather will be so weather on the one's with sue serio is back from vacation. >> yeah. >> we have put to you work. >> that is okay, still managed to recharge the battery and get plenty of have beach time in. good to be back in action to tell you it will be all about the temperature today as we get back in the 90's later on.
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already on the muggy side this morning at least temperatures are pretty warm but for this time of the year it is not unusual to wake up with temperatures in the 70's. it is 75 degrees. seventy in the atlantic city. it is 67 degrees up in the poconos. lancaster and reading it is 74 as well. we will focus on the dew point which is our measure of moisture and once the dew points start getting in the 60's it starts to feel sticky. so we've got 61 degrees here in philadelphia that is our dew point. dew point in the 50's in the poconos. dew point well into the 60's down to the south in dover, delaware. so that is where it is starting to feel on the muggy side this morning. as far as precipitation is concern, we have an off shore disturbance off carolinas but nothing to get nervous about for folks down there because that one is not expect to develop into anything tropical. at least that is how it looks for now. we're watching a cold front that is off to the northwest,
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and about to enter the great lakes, eventually copping our way, touching off some thunderstorms. when it gets hot and humid like this we can expect pop up thunderstorms anyway. it is just part of life in the summertime here with the instability that is around with the heat and humidity. now it was like a fire cracker over the weekend perhaps for you? 83 degrees for you. comfortable humidity on saturday. it really wasn't that bad yesterday on sunday. hopefully you had lots of fun outside in the sunshine both days of the weekend. we will still have plenty of unbehind for you today, and our high temperature is expect to get to 92 degrees. it will be mostly sunny and with that humidity the heat index will probably be in the mid 90's. we don't expect extreme heat indexes but kind of weather where you have to take it easy especially for those older, make sure when it gets this bad, we will check on the elderly and make sure everybody is okay. ninety-two is your high. we have your seven day forecast in a few, good
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morning, kacie. we are taking a lot at biggest problem of the morning, northbound side of the northeast extension approaching lansdale. we have an accident overnight. investigation there. all lanes will be blocked again right around exit 31, ongoing construction until july 14th. so until next week the southbound side of 202 off ramp to 29 least mains closed, good news, that is coming to an end. aside from that all majors do look great, no huge slow downs to report. dawn? thanks, kacie. we have breaking news out of camden county this morning, the child is hit by a stray bullet in winslow township. fox 29's steve keeley is at the scene trying to get the very latest information, steve? >> reporter: well, no information coming officially from authorities here, who are still gathering the information themselves and trying to figure out exactly what happened here about four and a half hours ago right around midnight. of course, it is end of the fourth of july weekend when sound of fire works can be heard in most neighborhood but because gunshots and fire
4:34 am
works sound alike the sound here first to neighbors was more of the same of what they have been hearing all weekend but one neighbor told us he thought it was for sure the sound of gunfire heard as many as five shots he said and then the sound that the police rushing here and then people in the corner house crying and loudly calling for help, confirmed it. it was a gun going off, not fire works and one of those shots fired outside here on the street at corner of the hayward and hathaway went into that house somehow, either through a window or a wall and hit a little girl, asleep in her bedroom apparently. neighbors telling us she's 12 or 13, one of the two sisters living here in the flown to cooper or camden, but driven there so dawn, that tells you got part of the story that this was not a life threatening situation so the girls should be okay. i guess i have had authorities tell me this before if you ever get shot by a gun best place when are a child or an adult is right in the butt. we hope it is just a grazed wound but it is certainly a traumatic situation for this
4:35 am
little girl and family here minding their own business, safely inside their house and gunfire coming in the house, dawn. >> not what you would expect, thanks steve, very much. happening today, the first trial in the boston marathon bombings gets underway. opening arguments are set to begin against one of the college friends of the suspect bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is accused of obstruction for allegedly helping tsarnaev after the blast. authorities say, that two friend threw tsarnaev's bakhtiyor and his lap top in the trash after an exchange of text messages. they are not charged with any involvement, however in the deadly attack. npr is report ago this pope francis is scheduled to meet with survivors of the clerical sex abuse. the pontiff has been criticized for being too slow to address this issue that has hit the catholic church. today's meeting will reportedly take place at the vatican. residents in the southwest fill neighborhood are picking up the pieces this morning after a raging fire, killed four small children and
4:36 am
destroys a number of homes in the neighborhood. half of the 6500 block of guestner street reduced to charred ruins after an early morning saturday fire starts on the outside couch. fire fighters say it quickly spread to at least eight homes. twin sisters maria and mariallah boawah died. four year-old patrick sanyeha and tai jacque also kill. friends of the victims are struggling to cope with them. >> why, why did they have to die? i said i don't know. you have to ask god that question, you know. >> so heart breaking. fire officials are still investigating the cause of exactly what started this massive fire. if you'd like to help out families make a contributions to the american red cross at red cross, or 800-red cross, you can also donate items to the ten families at christ international baptist church near the fire scene at 65th
4:37 am
and guestner streets. authorities are looking for a hit and run driver this morning who struck and seriously injured a teenage inner wildwood. it happened over the weekend. it was early saturday morning on the 200 block of west rio grande avenue. the 16 year-old boy found unconscious, and suffering from a serious head injuries. investigators believe it was caused by a car's side-view mirror and force of the impact caused the mirror just to break off. it was found in the streets by police officers. victim's name has in the yet been released. pop star ariana grande forced to skip made in america concert. touching messages to her grandfather and the reason she didn't make it. a man fights off a great white shark how they managed to escape those terrifying jaw.
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thomas the the tank rolls rolls in morris arboretum in flourtown. check it out starting this weekend. unique garden railroad has been in operation for the past 17 years, if you have not seen it, it is terrific. trains will be running along the tracks at the arboretum through labor day. very cool. penns landing offering up a sweet way for visitors to cool off for a good cause. sixteenth annual super scooper ice cream festival, held yesterday to raise money for pediatric leukemia. event was all you can eat with
4:41 am
50 flavors of water ice and ice cream to choose from. over the years this event has raised more than a million-dollar to help children with leukemia. it in memory of josh kahn lost his battle with leukemia at just two years old. >> time right new for weather on the one's. it is already feeling sticky out there, sue serio. >> it sure is, there could not have been a better day for the ice cream festival yesterday, unless it was today. today humidity will increase, still this morning, it is not extremely muggy, so i think if you are waiting for the bus or you are going to be outside this morning, it should be okay. it may even be able to leave air conditioning off in the car this morning. now, this afternoon, will be a different story, with a return to the 90's, our temperature will probably top off in the lower 90's and we will be feeling sticky today. for mid week, once again, scattered storms in the middle of the week. some of them could be strong to severe. all we have to do, kacie, of course, because that is our
4:42 am
job toys clear things out for the weekend. >> we do it every weekend, yes. thank you very much. checking on this accident on the northeast side of the northeast extension. we have all lanes block northbound for alternate north bound side of 309. heading to bear, delaware westbound side of route 40 at school bell road an overturned tractor trailer. this one just came n we will keep you updated coming up, dawn. a sailor pulls off a big surprise, in the middle of a fourth of july parade, why his mom says that she looked right at her son but still could not believe her eyes.
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recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. taking a who at your national headlines this morning a trial begins in los angeles to determine whether $2 billion sale of the l.a. clippers will go ahead. testimony will focus on whether the estrange wife of the owner donald sterling has the authority to finalize a sale without donald sterling's approval. sterling was banned for life after making racist remarks that were recorded. sterling's wife shirley had two doctors examine her husband and they declared him unable to act as administrator of the family trust. a california man setting off illegal fire works blows off both of his hands. investigators say device exploded prematurely at a gathering in san jose. gruesome accident happened in front of the several of the man's relatives. he is expect to survive.
4:46 am
heavy flames, and smoke took over a popular fire works store in tennessee yet. authorities say that the flames grew, the fire works began to ignite and shoot-out of the store. that sparked additional fires in the surrounding area. officials were forced to close down the the nearby interstate, no injuries have been reported. the cause of that fire is still being investigated. a man bitten by a great white shark in callus not only speaking out about the incident but showing off his wounds. a warning for you, it is slightly graphic, steven, says that he was swimming off manhattan beach when a 7-foot great white shark attacked him. you can see the marks left on the right side of his rib cage. you can also see his hand is bandaged. he said the the shark was trying to free itself from a fisherman's hook for a half an hour before the attack. he was not sure whether he would make it out of the water alive. >> i used this hand to grab the nose of the shark and
4:47 am
trying to pry the mouth open off the chest and fortunately the shark let go. >> lucky guy. he is a distance swimmer with a dozen other swimmers at the time of the a attack. officials say the shark remain in that area for about 20 minute period and then disappeared in the merky water. cities and towns all over the the country celebrating the fourth of july with big parades but in one town there was a big surprise. as fox's dan goodwin reports, monk the floats, the bands, a very special reunion. >> ♪ >> reporter: there was no shortage of patriotism on display in downtown arlington, residents of this city are proud of the tradition they have built, biggest independence day in texas one of the largest in the nation and one of the parade entries had a special passenger on board when this decked out truck, passed by the reviewing stand the announcement came over the public address system
4:48 am
and two parents in attendance just could not believe it... the parents of the 23 year-old navy petty officer john parento had no idea he would be riding a float in the parade but there he was, all smiles, dereplied out of state, parento has not seen his folks in a year and a half. his sister worked in secret to arrange this happy reunion and came off without a hitch. >> oh, my gosh i had no idea. i looked at him and was like is there a sailor on that truck. i didn't know it was mine. >> reporter: parento enlisted in the navy six years ago. he will have two weeks leave to see friends, family in mansfield. >> a real blessing to be able to be home on the fourth. this is first time i will be able to be home for the fourth and for my birthday all in one
4:49 am
fail swoop. so, thank god that cookies crumb that will way and i was able to take enough leave. >> reporter: organizers of the parade estimated close to 50,000 people lined the route with 135 entries, the parade went on for more than two hours, it is a multi generational event, people here as kids now take their own children off and their grandchildren and one very proud father says that he will never have a fourth of july like this one. >> nothing like this. nothing like this, this is awesome. this is the best. >> in arlington, dan goodwin, "fox news". >> they have no idea, because days earlier his leave was canceled. fake story, and. now here's entertainment nice ariana grande canceled her performance at welcome america concert on the parkway and reason was to be with her grandfather battling cancer.
4:50 am
she flew from new york to florida to be with her grandfather and grandmother. pop star posted several photos of him on her twitter and instagram pages. grande said her grandfather's cancer is still at bay but treatment is taking a toll on him. fans have dubbed hip grained pop grand answer they have start aid hash tag to support him. billy ray cyrus is honoring a teacher killed by a 12 year-old student in the school yard shooting last year calling him a true american hero. cyrus praised michael landsberry and presented a memorial plaque to his widow sharon during a concert on saturday night. police say landsbury a 45 year-old ex-marine, tried to talk the shoot inner to turning over the handgun before he was shot in the chest at a middle school in the reno suburbs of farce. students wounded two classmates before taking his own life. an mets minor league team dedicated its saturday night game to all things, seinfeld. it wasness honor of the 25th
4:51 am
anniversary of the popular show from team members wearing, puffy shirts, to postal workers throwing out the first pitch, everyone got in on the fun. fans were given bobble head dolls of keith hernandez who was also, a guest star on sign felt. we love seinfeld on this morning show, don't we, do. >> as mike jerrick says, everything in life has been defined by a seinfeld episode and can relate to it. yada, yada are, yady. weather and your health. air quality will not be great. pollen is low to media it is not highest pollen count and not as bad as we have seen in the spring. uv index will be high. heat index will be high in the mid 90's just to get you prepared for a typical july day. now as we look, at our ultimate doppler radar picture, cold front out to our northwest, that will be affecting us, starting tomorrow, and the heat and humidity, we don't expect any pop up thunderstorms today
4:52 am
this off shore disturbance it is not expect to be a hurricane or anything, tropical at all. so we are just dealing with a little bit of haze this morning and we will have a lot of haze later on to take. we will look real quickly in the future cast to see a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day. big head line will be how hot it will get into the lower 90's by the end of the afternoon and jumping into tomorrow, it is no the until after 12:00 noon we will see these pop up showers. mostly north and west of the city tomorrow. by wednesday, showers are still around as well, and, as we take a look at our seven day forecast here's 92 for today. ninety-four for tomorrow. we may have a heat wave 90 degrees. we could get there on wednesday depending on those storms. rain to sun on thursday with the high of 86. it is not as humid on friday, looks like the weekend starts out well with saturday's high of 86 degrees, sunny and warm, chance of a thunderstorm late in the day on sunday. there is your seven day forecast, kacie, how about
4:53 am
traffic. >> thanks very much, sue. looking at majors this morning things looking just fine. everything looks good if you are getting ready to head out except a few things you need to look out for. northeast bound of the northeast extension approaching lansdale all lanes blocked there there is an accident investigation there. northbound side of 309 great alternate for that accident. we will have have more on construction and this accident coming up next, dawn. thrill seekers try their luck on these wild rapids, kyackers in the world, some of the best in the world i should say, spending their fourth of july weekend, here. fire fighters in louisiana get together for some friendly competition.
4:54 am
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fire fighters getting together for some friendly competition over the weekend. every year on the fourth of july, four local firehousees battle each other in the water fight. rivalry between them is intense since stations are near eacher and they help out each other throughout the year. winners take home a trophy, a boot axe and most importantly bragging rights. kyacker took part in the festival. the event consists of time trialers for kyackers using long and short boats boats. spectators watching as competitors go over 18-foot waterfalls. >> these kyackers are experts. they have been doing this for a long time. everyone knows how to do swift
4:57 am
water rescue. >> very cool event. safety, of course, is stressed. last year an expert kyacker did drawn at that event. and a study that is sure to make beer drinkers, very happen think morning. we will tell you the benefits of a good brew, coming up. by the time we were on the way to the hospital she's like my god, it is coming. i'm thinking she is just in pain but sure enough when we got to the hospital his head was out. >> this little guy could not wait to come in the world yes is not first one in the family to be born in a car.
4:58 am
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we are following breaking news this morning, a child is in the hospital after being shot in winslow township, steve keeley will have a live report in just a few minutes. fire in southwest philadelphia claims four young lives, and destroyed a number of homes. what fire fighters were doing there just one year ago. no question, it is tough to get your children to do their chores but a new study says is there a way to make it easier. ♪ >> plus, inside of the explosions, how did they get this birds eye view of fire works, it is coming up in the trend. good day, everybody. it is


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